Monday, September 30, 2013


When I was little, I had a Nintendo game where I could draw things.  For some reason I chose a lime and I thought it would be cool to draw it now that I have more art skills.  A lime would be a perfect up close and personal because of the way the different colors in the lime are. I showed emphasis by the colors in the lime.  I put white on the outside then blended yellow and types of greens with the darkest on the inside.  At first I chose to do chalk but when I blended it didn't look the way I wanted.  I then changed to color pencil and it turned out better.  It was easier to blend when layering the different colors.  I took a risk with the background.  I tried finding colors that would compliment the lime green and wasn't sure if was going to turn out the way it did.  I think it came out pretty good. The only thing I would change is the red background. I would've wanted it darker but sometimes you just need to learn to accept your artwork.  You'll always think there needs to be changes you just need to learn to love it no matter what.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What's The Point?

What's The Point?

When my class was brainstorming for 'What's The Point' my two best ideas were a dart and a rose.  I thought of a rose because of the thorns on the stem but I didn't think I could go as far as I could if I chose a dart.  I thought it would be cool if i could make the dart look like it's coming out of the paper like someone was actually throwing it at a dark board.  I started printing out references to help me visualize it, and it came out like this!  I drew it while thinking of a light source.  Then, I imagined which parts of the dart would be dark and which would be light and started shading.  I chose to use a pencil to draw because I thought a pen was too hard.  I didn't like how scrappy the pen looked and I already have experience using a pencil.  Charcoal was way too messy for my liking and too much blending had to be done.  I basically just outlined the shape of the dart board (which doesn't look as good as it should) and the dart and started shading from there. I didn't take as many risks with this piece because it's my first drawing coming back in from summer break and I wanted to make sure I still knew the skills I learned last year, in Art 1.  Hope you enjoyed it!