Art 1 Final Portfolio

1. Landscape Painting

I think that my landscape painting was my most successful piece of artwork this semester.  I did this painting towards the ending of the semester after I had learned all the skills in this art 1 class.  In this painting you have to be able to draw.  You also need to know what perspective is and how you can paint it.  You need to know how to shade, as well.  All of these skills we have learned from previous units in art.  In the sky I have blended in a light shade of blue with a pinkish color to make it look like the mixed colors in the sky.  Also for the horizon line, I used masking tape to divide the paint.  For the ocean I did a blue-green color in the ocean with white as the waves.  The unbrella was the most difficult, because I had to try to get the light and darks in each color to blend so that the top was dark and the bottom was light.  That way the unbrella looks like its open.  I think I could've done more on the unbrella but together I think it was pretty succesfull.  I used different skills for all the elements in this painting which makes it the most successful piece I have done.

2. Portrait
When I first started  the portrait project, I thought it was going to be quite difficult.  I was right.  Everything on the face has to line up perfectly.  Also, since each person's face is different you can't make a mistake in the shape of someones eye or it will look totally different from the person.  My drawing looks nothing like me, but it helped me grow as an artist. My drawing skills deffinitaly improved after doing this project.  You had to be very percise with your pencil.  Shading was very difficult because you had to really observe the face structure.  This helped me with looking at details in any kind of art piece that I would be drawing. 

3. Clay Turtle
I think I developed the most from my clay sculpture.  We did this at the end of year which is why the ending of art was so fun. We did painting and sculptures and a bit of drawing. This was one of my favorite projects we have done and I needed a lot of skill to complete.  First you needed to know the right texture.  On a previous project we drew the texture of an animal and that's it.  It gives a very different perspective on your artwork.  I also had to use my painting skills to paint the right colors and know how to mix them to make a certain color.  You needed to know the shape of different animals and how to make it out of clay, too.  You needed to know the environment/biome that the turtle is in to paint it like it should be painted.  This project helped me practice on my skills more and I am thankful.

4. Photoshop

I thought that doing photoshop was one of the not so important projects we did this semester.  When I think of art class I dont think on a computer editing pictures.  I think of drawing and being creative with your hands.  I guess what  I'm saying is I don't think of technology when I hear art.  Photoshop was just boring and you didnt really do anything but sit there.  You didn't have to use any skills like drawing or details. You do have to pay attention to details because you have to line up the pictures in the right way, but that's it.  I didn't absolutely hate it because it was fun to combine two totally different projects.  I just didn't enjoy it as much as the other projects we did.

5. Cartoon Skeleton

This project was deffinitaly not my best art piece but it is close to me.  This was one of my first drawings that I did in art class.  This project made me believe that I can actually do art if I tried hard at it and worked at it.  Artistic ability mostly never comes free so you have to put a lot of time and effort into.  You cant just rush through it thinking it will look good.  I feel that art is fun but also relaxes you and just lets you be creative.  Thats what I like about it.  You can just sit there and be artistic and abstract.  Art never has to be perfect it only matters what you think of your own artwork.  I'm glad that I took art this year because I think I'll be doing a lot of things with it now.

By: Mersina Boynton

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