Art 2 Final Portfolio

1.      1. My most successful piece during Art 2 was our final project which was the carved books.  I think that it took a lot of patience to get through cutting through all the pages.  The theme was “along for the ride” and I decided to do a carving of the world map and put different pins on each place that I really wanted to visit one day.  In the beginning we had to draw out the picture and number the different layers.  After, we took the book and cut out the different layers according to the number.  You always cut out everything but the number so you’re always cutting the numbers higher than what you are on.  It was very confusing and even harder to explain so I don’t expect a lot to understand until you have it in front of you.  It was very challenging.  But, after you get the hang of it, it became very easy to do and you got used to it.  The size of the drawing and how big you cut out your book had a big impact on the ending.  If you didn’t cut something right it would be off centered and just look weird.  Everything basically had to be perfect and all the lines had to be correct or it looked off somehow.  I enjoyed this project a lot and introduced me to something totally different than what I thought of when I heard the word ‘art.’ 

2.      2. Okay this project was most definitely the most difficult for me.  Keep in mind this was my first time doing watercolor and had no idea how to use it.  I had multiple ideas but never set my mind on any and when I did have an idea we only had about 4 days until our project was due.  I had to wing it and just go for it and I won’t lie, it was hard.  At some point I thought about just throwing it away and getting a zero.  I couldn’t get the wood floor the right color and when I painted the table I as painting outside the lines and it just looked sloppy.  I had to try my hardest to fix it but it was all I could do.  Also I had trouble trying to make the egg look like it was being thrown at the person like everything was in a box and it was splattered on the side.  The shadows also were very difficult but Mrs. Rossi helped me out with shading and all of that so it turned out okay. To your relief, I can promise you I’ve gotten better at watercolor now and it is one of my strong points.  Disasters lead to learning which leads to accomplishment. 

3.   3. One of the pieces of mine I have chosen to show my growth was my first drawing in Art 2 which was up-close and personal.  Our theme was ‘What’s The Point?’ so when I heard point I thought of a dart.  I drew it so that it looked like the bottom was closer to you and you had just thrown it on the board.  I think this shows growth from freshman year when I took Art 1.  My shading skills had improved greatly and I knew how to draw what I was seeing in my head.  Also I got better at perspective and making it look real and 3D.  I think I accomplished a lot with this project.  My second project I grew from is the Lime.  I had no idea how to draw a lime and I finally asked my art teacher to help me and she showed me how to blend colors with a colored pencil, which is what I chose for my material.  I learned how to blend colors together and make something look realistic.  I applied what I learned here to every art project after and am very happy with this project.  

     4.  This year was different than last year in Art 1.  I got more freedom in what materials I was using and what ideas I wanted to use.  We did mini lessons as well which really helped me in the long run.  When I did my multimedia project I really had a ton of freedom.  My art teacher told me it had to use different materials and it had to come together somehow.  It had to look like everything belonged there.  This is when I had to take a risk and add different things like paint and pictures and paper even though I didn’t feel comfortable.  Sometimes you just have to come out of your comfort zone and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.  I know I was.  I also learned a lot with my lime project where I learned different techniques and different materials I could use that could make my art work look similar but not totally the same.  The mini lessons we did really helped especially with my confidence to try new things.  I enjoyed this year and I can’t wait till Art 3 next year.

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