Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Glue Portrait

For my portrait I chose to do a picture of me and my older brother, Philip.  Philip and I are very close and he is going to college next year, so I decided to make something for him maybe to take with him to college.  When I was brainstorming my first idea was glue.  I loved the idea of the texture that glue would leave on whatever I did my piece on, in this case, wood.  I bought glue bottles and filled half with glue and then put whatever paint color I wanted, so that it would have a color.  When I started, I didn't know how the glue would come out.  It could totally absorb in the wood or get washed out due to the paint that I added.  I also took a risk with the colors.  I didn't really know what colors would look good, but I stuck to my gut the whole time.  When the glue dried, some spots would be gone like you see in the upper right hand corner in purple.  Instead of going over it again, I left it.  I liked the look of having bare parts and thought it showed how not all artwork is going to look perfect, or the way you want it to look.  You just have to embrace it.  I am very happy with my piece and I hope Philip likes it as well.