Thursday, December 19, 2013


For our project my class had to show amusement.  I thought about what amuses me and it was people.  Different people, all their likes and dislikes, where they came from, who they are.  It amuses me.  So what I did for the subject matter was take pictures of different people.  Some are my family members and friends, and some are strangers.  Then, I cut strips from each persons face and put them together to make one.  It worked perfectly. Everyone I showed this to thought it was just one person that I cut up into different pieces, but no, it's mutliple people. The mixed media I used was tissue paper, different clippings from magazines, and paint.  I think my project worked out really well.  It looks faded and I think it sort-of meshes together.  The lessons that we did in class helped me figure out what I wanted to do for my final.  It let me make mistakes and try different things.  I found out new techniques I could use.  A problem that I had was putting on the layers.  I was too afraid of covering things up and stacking on to the layers.  I just had to stop thinking so much and let loose. The colors started blending in and looking better.  I as very happy with the final product, and I had fun doing it.